Bridgeton NJ Rapid Transit BusGreater Bridgeton Area Transit program is a hybrid collaboration between public and private partners and for-profit and non-profit entities from different backgrounds to achieve the common goal of improving the lives of individuals and families. It is is funded in part by The Pascale Sykes Foundation, NJ TRANSIT, JARC, Glen Park, Cumberland County Guidance, Revive SNJ and many others.

The success of the expanded GBAT bus route through downtown Bridgeton out to commercial areas in the northern suburban sections is the result of planning between Gateway CAP, a community based social service organization, the Cumberland County Department of Workforce Development, a county-run entity focusing on work readiness and employment opportunities.

In a collaborative effort we have come together to benefit the “Greater Bridgeton Community”, private agencies, clergy, and community working toward the common good of all.


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